What is a lash lift?

No matter how much mascara you layer on, sometimes lashes just need an extra boost. And while extensions and falsies are always an option, they also require far more maintenance.

A lash lift, essentially a perm for your natural lashes, curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length. All lashes have a natural shape to them, so this process alters that shape via a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. 

The treatment happens in three key steps

1. First, silicone pads are placed on the (closed) eyelids. Your lashes are then lifted and a serum is applied to them. This first serum is used to break down the protein in the lashes. The lashes are molded onto the shield, so it breaks down the lash to take shape. 

2. Next, a keratin-infused fixing serum is applied, which begins the process of restoring the lashes and conditioning them. 

3. The tint is applied and the silicone pads are removed. Finally, a coat of pure keratin is applied to the lashes, which provides an extra layer of protein to strengthen and condition.


How long does lash lift last?

Depending on the aftercare, sun, salty water and heat a lashlift will last from 4 to 8 weeks.

Can a lash lift damage your eyes?

No, unless the solution runs into your eyes. With our professional products and specialist this is unlikely.

Is it worth getting a lash lift?

If you like your natural lashes and just want a more wide-eyed look, or have a more natural vibe and want to skip mascara, a lash lift is a great choice for you. 

It won't actually add any length or volume, the curl will make your lashes look longer, and it really opens up your eyes.


Does a lash lift hurt?

They don't hurt one bit. If at any point, you feel any irritation or itchiness, tell you therapist straight away.


Can you wear mascara with a lash lift?

We advise you to wait 24 hours before applying any makeup around your eyes. After 24 hours you are able to wear non-waterproof mascara.

Which is better: lash lift or lash extensions?

If your main focus is on a small boost that you don't have to think or worry about, lash lift is the number one. If you want something that lasts longer and adds more length and volume to your lashes (and you don't mind some maintenance), eyelash extensions will give you what you want.
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