Wrinkle Removal Laser Treatment

Wrinkle Removal Laser Treatment

Wrinkle Removal Laser Treatment is suitable for:

- Men and women

- All skin types

- Wrinkles

- Sun damage

- Age Spots

- Improving skin elasticity

The signs of aging can be various things, small changes that you start to notice when you look in the mirror, whether it is losing skin elasticity, frown lines, crow’s-feet, wrinkles or changes in the texture and colour of your skin.

Anti-ageing laser treatments work by firing laser light into your skin. These ultrashort pulses fired uniformly into the skin actually stimulate collagen production. Your body then starts creating more collagen and the signs of ageing start to minimise. Your body is actually doing the anti-ageing work for you.

You may be struggling with the signs of getting older, such things as wrinkles or age-spots can get in the way of you feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. 


Are there side-effects?
Clarity Wrinkle Removal treatment treats the melanin pigmentation while leaving surrounding skin undamaged. Following a treatment, patients will experience temporary discoloration or reddening of the skin around the treatment area. Some patients may also experience a temporary lightening or darkening of the skin for a few months following the treatment. The skin will typically return to normal colour within a few months.

What should I expect following the treatment?

The area of your skin treated may remain red for up to a few hours. It is recommended that over the next few days you do not scrub or exfoliate the area. If you notice any darker skin peeling/falling off in the area treated, don’t worry it is a good thing.

How many laser resurfacing treatments are needed?

Most patients require at least three to four treatments in order to see the most optimal results. The treatments are scheduled about a month apart to allow your skin to properly recover.


How long does it take to see results from laser treatment on face?

You will start to see the results of your treatment as soon as your skin finishes healing from the laser resurfacing treatment. For most people, this means it may take two to three weeks to see any significant results of this treatment.


What should I do after laser treatment?

Right after the treatment is done, you'll have Alhydran Barrier Repair Care applied to the area to help the healing start and to prevent infection. Keep on applying this Cream 2-3 times a day for optimal en long term hydratation, healing and reinforcement of the skin barrier.
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