MSB Facial Treatments - Medical Beauty Research Concept

MSB Facial Treatments - Medical Beauty Research Concept

Skin care on the front of medicine begins where normal skin care ends.

The MSB medical skincare concept clearly stands out from all previous cosmetic lines. Germany’s first high-tech brand is the result of intensive research by renowned dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. The objective was to develop anti-aging products with the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients while achieving optimal skin tolerance.

MSB Facials are our most Luxurious Treatments in which we treat skin problems from the root. It's a full circle concept, not a quick fix!

This treatment combines the highly effective MSB products with a technique that works on the muscular layer, tightens the skin significantly, recovers the collagen and detoxes the skin very intensely. It is very relaxing, gentle and doesn't involve any machine which could cause trauma to the skin.

We call it Facial Fitness, because it will lift your eyebrows, mouth corners and chin line instantly, while stimulating and activating the blood circulation of the skin.

The MSB concept is based on fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide-8 and pure collagen.

Each certified product is clearly defined in terms of function, expression and application and has its own profile.

MSB works with a 3 step strategy: OPEN-TREAT-CLOSE TREATMENT

Step 1 – OPEN: gently removing corneas, dissolving cell interstices, penetrating deeply into the skin.

Step 2 – TREAT: increase cell activity and regenerative capacity.

Step 3 – CLOSE: enclose active substances in the skin, protection against external influences, hydration of the skin surface.

Rounding off daily skin care

A perfectly coordinated care ritual should be rounded off with at home  finishing care that is suited to the particular skin type. For this we will put together a program specially for your individual skin type.
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